Choosing tags to compare

The Compare section is a powerful data analysis tool that allows you effortlessly compare rates of utilisation between specific desks, rooms, teams, or floors. 

When you click on the search field in this pane, the most popular tags associated with the assets on your project will show as suggestions, although you can search for any tags you like. This will then bring up the Compare utilisation summary pane as described below.

The date range, days of the week, and working hours are determined by the parameters you've set using the Filter tab.

Comparing tags

As you search for tags, the Compare utilisation pane will update in real-time to include all assets with that tag, as shown in the example above for the hotdesk and phonebooth tags. This pane will give an instant insight into the average and peak utilisation for each asset tags, or grouped assets if you're comparing teams or floors.

Below this pane you'll also have the data visualised in the Average utilisation and Utilisation by day of week panes spanning the date range you have set in the filter tab, as shown in the examples below.

If you're using searching for a group asset tag such as a team or floor, you'll also have an additional Distribution based on average utilisation pane, which will show you the number of assets you have within different percentage utilisation bands as described in this article