Desk distribution based on average utilisation

The Desk distribution based on average utilisation pane

The Desk distribution based on average utilisation pane is designed to give you an instant insight into the distribution of all the sensors/assets you have within different percentage utilisation bands based on the parameters you set using the Filter.

Hovering your mouse over a percentage band will show you more information on the number of assets you have within that band.

Utilisation summary data

Clicking on the percentage band you have highlighted will take you to the search tab and use this metric to show you more detailed Utilisation summary data along with the asset tags associated for each, as shown in the example below for the 3 assets with 80-90% average utilisation.

Drilling further into the data

You can drill further into this data by refining the filter parameters to a specific day or week to see this utilisation data in greater detail.

The Search section allows you to instantly search and see utilisation data for a specific desk, team, or floor based on the filter parameters you have set.