Using the Filter

The Filter is one of the most powerful features within our Analytics dashboard and allows you to easily define the parameters that you want the data to be visualised with. The filter is applied globally, so as you navigate through to the other sections within the Analytics dashboard, the same filter parameters are applied to the data therein.

Using the filter allows you to set the following:

- Date Range (Today, Last 7 Days - 90 Days, or Custom)

- Days of Week (Monday - Friday, or Custom)

- Working Hours (Custom)

Once you submit your chosen filter parameters, these will be applied to the visualised data instantly and the Overview panes will update show you the Average and Peak utilisation based on these parameters.

The filter also allows you to drill deeper into the data to find trends during specific days and times over a long period of time, i.e. Thursday and Friday afternoons over the past 90 Days. Coupled with the Compare tab, the filter allows you to easily do some truly powerful utilisation data analysis between different asset tags, such as individual desks, teams, and floors