Search by tags

The Search section allows you to easily find utilisation data for specific asset tags, such as individual desks, roomsteams, or floors. This is a powerful tool for doing data analysis on specific assets in granular detail.

When you click on the search field in this pane, the most popular tags associated with the assets on your project will show as suggestions, although you can search for any tags you like. This will then bring up the Utilisation summary pane as described below.

The date range, days of the week, and working hours are determined by the parameters you've set using the Filter tab.

The Utilisation summary


Once you search for a tag, you'll be presented with Utilisation summary pane for all assets with that tag, as shown in the example above for the level1 tag. You'll also see the individual utilisation panes for each of the assets with the same tag, as described in the utilisation summary data section in this article.

Data for specific tags

If we look at a specific asset, the Average Utilisation and Average utilisation by day of the week panes for this asset will be shown, as per the example below for the phone booth on Level 1.

Hovering your mouse over the graphs in both panes will show you more detailed information. Within the Average Utilisation pane, you'll see the date, time, and percentage utilisation for this asset. For the Average utilisation by day of the week pane, you'll see the average rate of utilisation for this asset based on the days of the week. Both of these are based on the parameters you've set using the filter.

Further down the page below these panes, you'll also see the location of this asset highlighted on the floor plan.

Drilling further into the data

You can drill further into this data by refining the filter parameters to a specific day or week to see this utilisation data in greater detail.

The Compare section also allow you to do some powerful comparative analysis between a set of tags to see how their utilisation stats compare, such comparing desks, teams, and floors.