The Gateway

Our gateway is a custom-built and self contained unit that we manage remotely. As a critical component to our solution, it needs to be placed in a position where it can serve a network for the sensors without structural impediments, ideally away from the core of the building. It will also need to have a good cellular reception in order for it to be able to reach our cloud servers as well as us remotely reach it.

Data Source

LoRa WAN Sensors 


W: 30cm H: 20cm D: 15cm 


Power for this gateway must be from a source that is constant and free from possible interruptions out of hours.

The gateway has a fixing holes to be wall mounted and comes with fitted gland for 230 VAC power. A mains cable for each gateway will need to be fitted and tested by an electrician appointed by the client before installation.


Each gateway provides a LoRaWAN network for wireless desk and environmental sensors and a 802.11b WiFi network for our footfall counters. 

Each gateway also has a 4G connection that allows for us to remotely manage each while keeping them segregated from the client's network or infrastructure.