What does a sensor network look like?

Below you'll see an illustrated, albeit high-level diagram of how our sensor network architecture and how sensor data flows from sensor hardware to eventually appear on-screen for Users in our dashboards. 

The physical hardware typically deployed onsite is the Sensors and the Gateway(s), both of which have built in security as part of the LoRaWAN spec. The OpenSensors team remotely manage a fleet of 4G sims in each of our Gateways, which sends encrypted data to our Cloud servers over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Once in the Cloud, we use the highest standards of web-security protocols to manage the movement and processing of this data between the services we use, as well as how that data is then accessed through our dashboards by User(s).

At every stage we also enforce strong password policies for authenticating both admin and or end-users to remote access our hardware and cloud services.