3 key technical designs to create Smarter Workspaces

Future proofing building designs and smart workspaces requires 3 critical technical considerations you need to know, from workplace sensors to the ideal network. 
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4 reasons why sensors are replacing manual surveys

The growing demand for occupancy data and evidence based insight to redesign workspaces has led to a growing need for facilities and corporate real estate teams to be able to provide information quickly and objectively. Many companies are moving away from the traditional methods of collecting occupancy data. 
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3 Key metrics to measure workspace occupancy 

Technology and the increasing need for data is changing the real estate industry, both from an investment and management point of view. Using data enables more accurate planning, better control over budgets and costs as well as benchmark success. 

In this video, Yodit Stanton covers 3 key metrics to measure workplace data.

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5 ways to increase desk utilisation

Providing factual based evidence has become a growing trend for Facilities Managers and Corporate Real Estate teams, including the ability to analyse data, spot patterns or trends and turn this insight into strategies that will drive workspace improvements. In this webcast we provide practical to ways to increase workspace utilisation using data to drive strategies. 

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4 reasons why building managers use sensors to reduce operating expenses

Sensor networks are emerging as a mission critical method for offices and corporate real estates to save money. Building and facilities managers are installing utilisation sensors to manage their spaces more efficiently as many businesses move towards agile working practices and adopt a smart city transformation.

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Case study: Travel & Leisure
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How data is shaping Real Estate 

Having analytical capabilities is a growing trend for Facilities and Real Estate teams.

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Sensor deployment checklist
What you need to know when deploying smart building network sensors.