Workplace occupancy sensors

Reduce lease expenses and get the most out of your workplace

Do you need to understand how your workplace is currently utilised? or forecast trends and manage space capacity better to reduce costs?
We can help put you in control to optimise and manage your workplace strategies by giving you a complete picture of space occupancy using data, so you can make important operational change decisions.
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OpenSensors - Preparing office reopen checklist2

Checklist to reopen office buildings during COVID19

Over the next few weeks businesses around the world will be preparing to transition their workforce back to the office once COVID19 lockdown rules are lifted.
Here is a checklist to help you start preparing your office reopen plans.

See exactly how your workplace is utilised with real time data

Is your person to desk ratio off? Are your meeting rooms the wrong size? Who genuinely needs more space, and how should you adapt your floor plan?

OpenSensors makes the answers obvious, without messy spreadsheets or multiple manual surveys. And we take care of  every part of the process.


Collect indisputable data automatically

Unobtrusive wireless sensors continuously capture occupancy and environmental data to give you the full story, not just a snapshot.

Eliminate human error and tedious data entry once and for all.


Get instant insight into peak, average, and comparative utilisation over time

Accurately compare utilisation rates across any time period for any desk, department, floor, or building.

Spot patterns, identify issues, and make unbiased decisions using objective data from a single source of truth.


Manage and compare multiple buildings without added effort

Because our solution is massively scalable, you can track utilisation rates across your entire portfolio at once.

Centralising this data allows you to rapidly and accurately set benchmarks.


Take politics and guesswork out of decision-making with ready-made reports

Simplify negotiations over space and align business unit leaders with visual, reports that make issues and opportunities clear to everyone.

Or, give the C-Suite access to secure cloud-based reporting so they can review the data from anywhere.


Keep data secure

Your data is protected by multiple layers of advanced security that mitigates outside threats.

You have full ownership and control over your data.

See how it works

Get actionable, data-backed insight into factors such as

  • Actual utilisation across all hours of the day
  • Which desks could be 'hot desked' or reconfigured
  • How 'no shows' influence meeting room availability
  • How heat, brightness, noise, or air quality may impact productivity
  • How different departments, floors, and buildings compare
Plus, we integrate with virtually any analytics, CAFM or space design tools you already use for even more detailed analysis.

How does our solution work?

  • Privacy guaranteed
    Sensors use body heat and motion to detect that people are present, but can't tell who they are.
  • 20 second installation
    Fast, non-disruptive installs mean you can start collecting data quickly without disturbing staff.
  • 2 year battery life
    Sensors proactively report battery levels so you'll know long before they need a change.
  • No impact on WiFi or IT networks
    Sensors use a LoRaWAN (LPWAN) network separate from any company internet or IT resources.

And the best part, we manage it all for you


Whether you have a huge real estate portfolio or a small team, we make workspace management as easy as it gets.

We install and configure your sensors, train your team to access the insights they need, and provide expert analysis so that you can make confident long term decisions.

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