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Workspace optimisation

Our occupancy systems are designed to help you make better decisions when optimising work rotations, equipment utilisation, social distancing rules and more.

  • Understand occupancy
  • Analyse equipment usage
  • Manage social distancing
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OpenSensors Analytics dashboard

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Workplace Health

Protect the health of your employees and improve their productivity with our intelligent Air & Climate Monitoring Systems.

  • Prevent virus transmission
  • Analyse equipment usage
  • Optimise HVAC
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OpenSensors Environmental dashboard

Our mission is to make sustainability (human, social, economic and environmental improvements) a reality for every workplace in the world.

Yodit Stanton - CEO

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OpenSensors - Yodit Stanton CEO & Founder2

Workspace Booking

Does your team operate in a hybrid workspace? Streamline employee booking with a booking tool for the hybrid working age.

  • Automated check-in and out
  • Mobile friendly
  • Adapted to your working style
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OpenSensors Booking tool

We take care of everything end to end

Our team takes care of the details, so you can focus on what's important for your business.

Sensor deployment
Network management
Analytics & custom reporting

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Learn how hybrid working is impacting workplace design as organisations strive to create flexible and attractive working environments.

How to prepare for lease events post-pandemic

Learn how you can start preparing for lease events, from gathering data to understanding how it will assist you and support the office environment.

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Episode 3: Sustaining hybrid work models

Hear from workplace practitioners from ARUP, 3edges and OpenSensors on the role data plays in managing and optimising hybrid workplaces, as well as the tools, processes and skills necessary.

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