Workplace transformation solutions

  • Get a complete view of space utilisation with automated reports
  • Make informed decisions about your real estate portfolio
  • Measure actual utilisation against booked workspaces for a true view on usage
  • Access data about your office space anywhere, anytime

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Explore how our solutions can solve space management challenges and help you make data driven decisions in your real estate and workplace strategy.
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Sensor driven intelligent booking solution

Booking tool for the hybrid working age

  • Measure actual workspace utilisation
  • Make work rotation & space requirement changes
  • Ease of contact tracing
  • Cleaning routines driven by usage
  • Maintain safe indoor air quality
  • Automated check-in and release
  • Preferences saved to save you time

Intelligent booking tool

Desk and room utilisation data

Gather occupancy data to make informed decisions on space requirements.
  • Get a real time view on space capacity 
  • Understand how workspaces are being utilised
  • Make quick decisions on how to repurpose underused spaces
  • Adapt workspaces based on new patterns of work

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50% say measuring air quality will have the greatest impact on safety

Gather indoor air quality levels (IAQ) data such as CO2, Temperature and Humidity, in order to:
  • Ensure air quality levels does not go above limits
  • React quickly to adjust ventilations to allow fresh air to circulate as needed
  • Monitor CO2 limits as offices reach specific capacity
  • Control energy efficiencies in the office

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Let us help you manage space requirements efficiently with workplace utilisation analytics.
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Making sustainability a reality for every workplace in the world

OpenSensors - Data powered workplace transformation solutions

We provide advanced evidence based solutions for workplace optimisation

We believe data driven, evidence based decision making, is the foundation for the future of work and a requirement for bringing people back to the office safely, with wellbeing in front of mind.
Our solution is easy to use, instantly beneficial and 'just works' to provide you the foundation for long term success.

And the best part, we manage it all for you

Whether you have a huge real estate portfolio or a small team, we make workspace management as easy as it gets.

We install and configure your sensors, train your team to access the insights they need, and provide expert analysis so that you can make confident long term decisions.

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