Creating a data led workplace strategy

We manage it all for you
Our technology works behind the scenes to reveal patterns and conditions, to give you the insights to make confident evidence based decisions.
Our workplace solution supports organisations to deliver a safe, agile and cost effective work environment. 

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Get instant insights on how your office space is utilised

OpenSensors - Average workplace utilisation data1

Manage and compare the utilisation of multiple buildings

  • Forecast how much space you really need
  • Measure occupancy worldwide to understand if you need to downsize or repurpose space
  • Monitor emerging changes
  • Identify peaks and troughs of how different groups, departments or teams use the office

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Explore how our solutions can solve space management challenges and help you make data driven decisions in your real estate and workplace strategy.
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Efficiently manage day to day building operations

  • Compare utilisation data to manage work rotations
  • Get a complete view of space usage against your floor plans
  • Compare the utilisation of asset types to understand if your workspace is fit for purpose
  • Analyse the mobility profile in your organisation

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OpenSensors - Average workplace utilisation data2
OpenSensors - How to search availability by time & date

Give employees a flexible way to work

  • Measure actual utilisation against booked spaces for an accurate view of usage
  • Let employees book workspaces that suit their tasks
  • Manage space requirements efficiently 
  • Use automated usage reports to manage cleaning teams

Intelligent booking tool

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Let us help you manage space requirements efficiently with workplace utilisation analytics.
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OpenSensors - Workplace environmental data2

Monitor indoor air quality for wellbeing and safety

  • Monitor air quality throughout the day and ensure fresh air is circulated efficiently
  • Understand the link between occupancy and increased CO2 emissions and its impact on productivity
  • Monitor Humidity, Carbon emissions and Temperature, Noise and Particulate levels

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Analytics to accelerate your workplace transformation

Automated reporting

Auto generated occupancy and utilisation reports.

Visibility of occupancy

View of near real time availability of workspaces.

Usage comparisons

Compare utilisation data by department, floor or locations.

Asset types

Compare asset usage over any single given time period.

Data on demand

24 hour access to your data to deep dive into insights on demand.


Consultation based on your data to maximise space capacity.

Identify opportunities

Help with identifying patterns of usage and opportunities.

Powerful integrations

Integrations with any analytics, CAFM or space design tools you already use.