Workplace occupancy sensors

A completely managed solution for optimising workplace occupancy

We help large corporations use sensors to track how every desk, floor, or building is used in real-time and analyse the data on demand.

So you can make evidence-based decisions that save millions in lease expenses—no matter how big your portfolio or small your team.

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How do the sensors work?

Mounted under desks, over doorways, or on the ceiling, sensors measure body heat and motion to detect when people are present.

Environmental sensors sample noise levels, temperature, air quality, and brightness.

Measurements are securely transmitted to your analytics dashboard and mapped to CAD floor plans for easy analysis.

  • Privacy Guaranteed
    Sensors do nothing more than count. They're physically unable to track individuals or record conversations.
  • Superior Accuracy
    Get data you can trust with a much higher sampling rate and zero human error.
  • Temporary or Permanent
    Conduct a single occupancy study, or track changes as your workplace and needs evolve with time.
  • 2-Year Battery Life
    Sensors regularly report battery levels so you'll know long before they need a change.
  • No impact on WiFi or IT networks
    Sensors use a LoRa network separate from any company internet or IT resources.
  • You own your data
    You decide where and how data is used. We provide an API where you can download it any time.

Make analysis and reporting the easiest parts of your job


Done-For-You Analysis

You own the data. Our experts proactively interpret it for you and consult on next steps.

Automated Reporting

Ready-made reports are delivered automatically via email; you don't need to pull any numbers.

Powerful Integrations

Sync up OpenSensors with virtually any analytics, CAFM or space design tools you already use.

Cloud-Based Reporting

Anyone you approve can securely access analytics from anywhere.

Get a complete picture of occupancy to manage and plan your space

Unlike humans, sensors track continuously and never miss a measurement.

Incoming data is instantly mapped to your floorplans, and clean visual reports ensure key metrics and trends are unmissable.

Now, it's easy to...

  • See how meeting rooms are used
  • Accurately measure person-to-desk ratio
  • Find space for new staff
  • Benchmark with real data
  • Plan hot desks or overflow buffers
  • Pinpoint peak hours and encourage working from home

Instantly compare desks, departments, floors, and buildings over any time period

You can filter and sort your data any way you choose, so you can spot trends and take action in a fraction of the time.

  • Compare daily, weekly, or monthly occupancy
  • Isolate low-occupancy or heavy-traffic areas
  • Plan to resize meeting rooms for demand
  • Negotiate demands for space with objective data
  • Track the real-world impacts of any change

All without messy spreadsheets or paying for multiple manual surveys.


Ensure meeting rooms are right-sized and used efficiently

When staff complain about overbooked meeting rooms, is it because there aren't enough—or are no-shows clogging the schedule?

Sensors track when a meeting room is used as well as how many people used it, but can never tell who they were or what they discussed.

  • Track bookings vs. no-shows to set policy
  • See if large rooms are booked by small groups
  • Determine if you need more, less, or different-sized rooms

Boost productivity and satisfaction by making environments better

From noise and brightness to temperature and air quality, your workplace's environment has a profound impact on how productive and happy employees are.

For example, did you know that better air quality can improve cognitive ability by 8 - 11 percent?

OpenSensors gives you the power to track environmental factors at scale and spot problems you can fix.

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From installation and maintenance to analysis and reporting, it's all done for you

You don't need to worry about installing or configuring sensors, running reports, or managing the network. As your partner, we do the hard work to make deployment painless.

Roadmapping & Project Management
Your deployment will be completely tailored to your workplace, challenges, and goals.


Site Staging
Our team prepares your site, addresses potential issues and configures gateways for maximum signal strength.


Sensor Installation
We install the sensors during off-hours, configure your dashboards, and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Done-For-You Analysis & Reporting
We take care of pulling the data, interpreting it, and providing unbiased suggestions for improvement.


On-Call Support
Any time there's an issue, all you need to do is raise a support ticket and we'll move quickly to help.

Dedicated Enterprise Services

For organizations who want even more convenience and power, we provide optional services including…
  • Private data hosting
  • Private APIs
  • Dedicated tech support

Take all the work out of managing and planning your workplace

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