Our mission is to make sustainability (human, social, economic and environmental improvements) a reality for every workplace in the world.

Providing the foundation for long term success

We believe data driven, evidence based decision making is the foundation for the future of work and a requirement for bringing people back to the office safely, with wellbeing in front of mind.

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Best practice guide

Get practical guidance on how to leverage space occupancy or reservation software to make data driven decisions on your real estate or workplace strategy. Understand how to build a bank of data to monitor trends and patterns of usage, in order to make evidence based decisions on whether to downsize or expand your real estate portfolio, forecast space capacity for headcount growth and much more. Explore use cases, get benchmarks metrics and understand what technology solutions are available to supports your business goals.
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Let us help you manage space requirements efficiently with workplace utilisation analytics. Call us on +44 (0)20 3868 4376 or
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We deliver data powered workplace transformation solutions

We're a technology company that provides advanced evidence based solutions for workplace optimisation.
We believe, in the current global situation, we have the safest and most efficient path back to the office for our customers and their employees.

Our customers

We support all stakeholders from Employees, HR, Facility Management, Corporate Real Estate, IT and Finance, by solving the most immediate issues quickly while also providing strategic core competencies for their long term success.
We are always looking ahead and creating products for our customers’ future needs.

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OpenSensors - Workplace optimisation

Making sustainability a reality for everyone in the world

We help organisations to deliver safe, agile and cost effective work environments with our easy to use solution that is instantly beneficial, and 'just work'.
Headquartered in London since 2016, we have a growing footprint across Europe and North America.

Return to work report

Download the report for key insights on how organisations are preparing for new ways of working, implications for real estate and workplace strategies and how companies are managing space requirements and employee needs.
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