An intelligence-driven booking tool

Tailored to user seating preferences, automated to remind and cancel bookings.

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Simple booking that doesn't get in the way

We understand that employees have many things to focus on, that's why we made desk and room booking easier to use than ever.

Our automatic check-in and check-out allow everyone to go about their days in the office without any extra effort while occupancy data is being collected in an instant.

For employees

  • Automatic office check-in & check-out
  • Easily book rooms, seats or desks from your phone!
  • Search rooms by capacity, filter by department, or floor.
  • Get personalized seating recommendations.

For Facility & Real-Estate Managers

  • Measure actual workspace utilisation vs booked.
  • Understand usage of booked spaces & adjust work rotations.
  • Plan future real-estate needs with accuracy.

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Let us help you manage space requirements efficiently with workplace utilisation analytics.


Always One Step Ahead Of The Curve

With built-in analytics & space management

Designed to help you make better decisions when optimising work rotations, equipment utilisation, social distancing rules and more.

For Facility Managers

  • Easily comply with changes in capacity limitations by adding and removing spaces or assets in the system.
  • Identifying trends in employee behaviour & asset usage
  • Adjust work rotations accurately.

For Real-Estate Managers

  • Forecast how much space you really need.
  • Measure occupancy across your real estate to understand if you need to downsize or repurpose space
  • Get a complete view of space usage against your floor plans

Keeping Employees Safe & Healthy, Your Top Priority.

Monitoring indoor air quality and occupancy levels are critical to keeping employees safe as more people go back to the office.

The latest studies suggest a number of variables that can contribute to the transmission rate and survivability of viruses. With OpenSensors you'll have the flexibility to control HVAC systems to pump more fresh air into spaces when there are high levels of occupancy and CO2.

Health & Safety Managers

  • Use sensor data to aid contact tracking & monitoring.
  • Monitor how occupancy levels affect the freshness of the air.
  • Adjust HVAC according to data to reduce virus transmission.

CEOs & Project Managers

  • Improve employee productivity with better office climate settings.
  • Provide safe return to the office & safer hybrid-work environment.

Our Sensors

For a true 360-degree view of your workspace

Environmental sensors are a low-cost solution to gather data and help optimise systems and support energy and cost efficiencies in the workplace.

  • Data gathered on Temperature, CO2, Humidity, Particulates and Noise levels.
  • Anonymous data - No personal or health information of an individual is captured. GDPR compliant.
  • Monitor air quality throughout the day to ensure fresh air is circulated efficiently.

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Passive infrared sensors (PIR) gather data on the usage of desks, focus rooms or phone booths.

  • Triggered by motion, heat and time a space is occupied
  • GDPR compliant - gathers anonymous data
  • Does not touch your IT infrastructure
  • Provides accurate and reliable data

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Counter sensors let you understand the footfall of free-flowing areas, meeting rooms, open spaces or collaboration areas.

  • Triggered by object recognition to provide insights on how often workspaces are used and by how many people
  • Captures data on a number of people going in any direction
  • Measures the field of focus and covers a wide area
  • GDPR compliant - gathers anonymous data

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Our indoor air quality system does not need access to your internal network or existing IT infrastructure. Our systems run on a dedicated network using our own 4G / mobile connection to the internet.