An intelligence-driven booking tool

Tailored to user seating preferences, automated to remind and cancel bookings.

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Tailored to user seating preferences

Automated to remind and cancel bookings

Takes seconds to book from anywhere

Gives insight to make data-driven decisions

Booking tool for the hybrid working age

  • Automated check-in and release
  • Adapted to your working style
  • Preferences saved to save you time
  • Complete and comprehensive platform

Learn how to optimise hybrid work using data
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Let us help you manage space requirements efficiently with workplace utilisation analytics.

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Data: the backbone of workplace decision making

  • Measure actual workspace utilisation
  • Understand usage of booked spaces
  • Manage spaces with accurate usage insight
  • Make work rotation & space requirement changes

Why is it important?
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COVID-19 safe workspace

  • Ease of contact tracing
  • Visibility of busy spaces
  • Cleaning routines driven by usage
  • Maintain safe indoor air quality 

How to leverage indoor air quality data to minimise the spread of COVID19
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