Manage space capacity with seat or room booking

Employees will return to the workplace 2-3 days a week at varied times and days, shifting away from the traditional 9-5 working week.
Business leaders need to consider how to:
  • Enable employees to navigate and use the office seamlessly
  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees to return 
  • Inform contact tracing processes and act quickly in case of an outbreak
  • Have visibility of what workspaces have been occupied or recently used

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OpenSensors - How to search seat availability

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Our booking system gives people a flexible way to work

  • Enable employees to navigate the office and plan their working week in the office
  • Against your floor plans, quickly see what seats or spaces are available to book

  • Let employees easily book seats or workspaces that suit their tasks, anywhere, anytime

  • Advanced filters to help employees find the right workspaces to suit your needs

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OpenSensors - How to book a seat
OpenSensors - Workspace booking system 4

Seamless integration with email systems including Microsoft 360 for ease and flexibility

  • Manage day to day building operations effortlessly
  • Manage work rotations and pre-plan social distancing by comparing utilisation data over time

  • Efficiently coordinate cleaning throughout the day with booking and actual occupancy reports

Enable business leaders to make evidenced based strategic decisions

  • Compare any asset types over time to understand what’s popular or least used in order to adjust work settings
  • Understand how your office is being used and validate the need to downsize, expand or adapt workspace settings
  • Understand usage behaviours when workspaces are booked but unused to avoid reoccurrences

OpenSensors - Workspace booking system 5
OpenSensors - Average utilisation data2

Need to understand how your workplace is being utilised?

Simplify processes for key stakeholders
Help HR, Facility Management, Corporate Real Estate, IT and Finance teams solve the most immediate issues quickly and make evidence based decisions to:
  • Manage day to day building operations
  • Return employees back to the office
  • Re-evaluate property portfolio if required

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