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Implementing a deep cleaning regime post COVID19

With more businesses reopening their offices and employees slowly transitioning back to the workplace, implementing a deep cleaning and disinfection regime is ever more important.
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Leveraging data to aid office reopening

Leveraging office utilisation and environmental data is a way to efficiently aid office reopening and manage employees returning to work. 
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Managing social distancing and beyond COVID19

With most employees currently working from home, tackling the return to the workplace could seem far ahead in time. Pre-planning a phased return will help you better manage social distancing post covid, but that’s not all. 
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Reorganising workspace post COVID19

The current situation has pushed the World into adapting to working from home or remotely. Though important as it is now, the return to work seems imminent as the curve of the virus flattens.
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Maintaining a safe place to work post COVID19 is possible

The return to work post COVID19, will undoubtedly require adaptation following the sudden changes currently implemented. When considering returning to work certain elements need to be taken into account to ensure efficient facility management.
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