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5 key steps to know when deploying occupancy sensors

Here are 5 key practical steps you need in the early stages of occupancy studies and workplace transformation projects, focussing on physical, data and strategic considerations.
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Intelligent space booking: Facilitating flexible work

Managing flexible workspaces quickly becomes a significant and arduous task if the appropriate tools are not put into practice. Here's why you need an intelligent booking system that enables teams responsible for space management to create highly reactive and agile workplaces.
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Intelligent space booking: Putting employee experience first

Assigned seating is a thing of the past, as employees need to access workspaces quickly and easily. Here's how our intelligent booking tool places user experience at the centre of every feature.
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3 steps to improve office indoor air quality

Here are steps you can take to improve the air quality in your workplace, a cost effective and reliable method to safeguard employee wellbeing and maximise productivity. 
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The role of data in the future workplace

Find out how the role of workplace data has accelerated since the pandemic and see what leading workplace experts at ARUP and 3edges are doing to maintain change.

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