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How space occupancy data will shape the future of work

Take a look at the significant role space occupancy data plays in restructuring office space as companies gear up for the return to work.

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How HR teams can prepare risk mitigation strategies

Here is an overview of the risks HR and Senior Leadership teams need to address at an individual and organisational level before employees are welcomed back into the workplace, with a focus on the systems and strategies which mitigate them.

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How HR leaders can leverage occupancy data to plan work rotations

Here’s how occupancy and booking data can be leveraged by HR teams to plan work rotations as offices reopen, focussing on why businesses need to prepare to enable flexible work, and the importance of workplace data in promoting employee health and safety and fostering long term resilience in the workplace.

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Top 3 priorities in return to work plans

Here’s an outline of the top 3 considerations business leaders need to prioritise as return to work plans are created and implemented, with guidance on what workplace solutions and data can be leveraged to assist with workplace transformation projects.


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How to support changing work patterns

Here’s an overview of the factors driving change and the effects they will have at an organisational and individual level, with a focus on the measures which can be introduced to manage them. There are  numerous steps organisations can take now to ensure workplaces are prepared to support employees as COVID19 restrictions ease.
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