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Lessons learned from the global return to work

There are valuable lessons to be learned from how organisations around the world are managing their return to the office in a COVID19 conscious manner. Businesses must ensure the health and safety of their employees whilst redefining their workplace strategy to reflect the changes that the pandemic has brought upon the landscape of work. 
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4 key workplace challenges in 2021

Here are 4 challenges businesses will likely face over the coming months as they work towards a safe return to the office, along with guidance and insights on how to overcome these challenges, from both organisational and technological perspectives.
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Why monitoring indoor air quality matters post COVID19

The safety and health of employees should be an organisations’ number one priority when preparing for a return to the workplace. Recent research indicates that monitoring and controlling Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is central to reducing the risk of transmission. Here’s what you need to know and consider when examining your own company’s IAQ.

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Creating a resilient workplace strategy beyond COVID19

Successful workplace strategies hinge on the cooperation of multiple stakeholders throughout the organisation and require buy-in from senior leadership. Here’s what you need to consider to create a resilient workplace strategy beyond COVID19. 
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How the workplace will evolve post COVID19

Workplace specialist Adam Baker shares his views on how the future of work will evolve and the impact COVID19 plays in how organisations will adapt the workplace.
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