Discover your real occupancy - space, desks and people

OpenSensors dashboard

Occupancy data you can trust

Measuring occupancy can be a challenge when employees don't want to book spaces. Without that data, however, you'd be flying blind.

The OpenSensors™ platform uses smart RFID tags to automatically check in and out employees in office spaces, giving you reliable and accurate data to work with. Deep dive into desk and space usage, and break it down by department, weekday or hour to make solid decisions.

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feat - check
Automatic employee check-in and check out
feat - secure
GDPR-compliant desk and counter Sensors
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API ready to integrate with your existing system

Real-estate space analytics

How much office space do you really need? How many people can we hire?

See which spaces and areas of your building are utlizied the most and the least.

Multiple buildings overview
feat - floors
Analyze average/peak utilization by floor
Analyze global space usage by time of the week/day/hour
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Analyze area usage by department (like seats & desks)

Seating type analytics

Discover how many seats and desks your employees are using and when.

Deep dive into asset usage for each department and space.

Be on top of your hiring and asset growth goals.

Average utilisation on floor plan
feat - desk
Analyze seat/desk or other asset usage
feat - filters
Analyze seat usage by type and department
Analyze seat usage by floor or area

Our Sensors

For a true 360-degree view of your workspace

Environmental sensors are a low-cost solution to gather data and help optimise systems and support energy and cost efficiencies in the workplace.

  • Data gathered on Temperature, CO2, Humidity, Particulates and Noise levels.
  • Anonymous data - No personal or health information of an individual is captured. GDPR compliant.
  • Monitor air quality throughout the day to ensure fresh air is circulated efficiently.

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Passive infrared sensors (PIR) gather data on the usage of desks, focus rooms or phone booths.

  • Triggered by motion, heat and time a space is occupied
  • GDPR compliant - gathers anonymous data
  • Does not touch your IT infrastructure
  • Provides accurate and reliable data

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Counter sensors let you understand the footfall of free-flowing areas, meeting rooms, open spaces or collaboration areas.

  • Triggered by object recognition to provide insights on how often workspaces are used and by how many people
  • Captures data on a number of people going in any direction
  • Measures the field of focus and covers a wide area
  • GDPR compliant - gathers anonymous data

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Our indoor air quality system does not need access to your internal network or existing IT infrastructure. Our systems run on a dedicated network using our own 4G / mobile connection to the internet.

The science behind our system


Optimal CO2

300–500 ppm

The transport of virus laden aerosols is affected by the physicochemical properties of aerosols themselves and environmental factors, including temperature, relative humidity, ultraviolet radiation, airflow and ventilation.

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Optimal humidity


Studies have found evidence that air quality within an office can have significant impacts on employees’ cognitive function, including response times and ability to focus.

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Optimal background noise


Ambient noise also affects people’s health by increasing general stress levels and aggravating stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary disease, peptic ulcers, and migraine headaches.

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Our dedicated booking system

For a safer return to work

  • Ease of contact tracing
  • Adapted to people's working style
  • Cleaning routines driven by usage
  • Complete and comprehensive platform

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We believe data-driven, evidence-based decision-making is the foundation for the future of work and a requirement for bringing people back to the office safely, with well-being in front of mind.