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Top 3 priorities in return to work plans

Here’s an outline of the top 3 considerations business leaders need to prioritise as return to work plans are created and implemented, with guidance on what workplace solutions and data can be leveraged to assist with workplace transformation projects.


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How to support changing work patterns

Here’s an overview of the factors driving change and the effects they will have at an organisational and individual level, with a focus on the measures which can be introduced to manage them. There are  numerous steps organisations can take now to ensure workplaces are prepared to support employees as COVID19 restrictions ease.
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Putting employee experience at the centre of hybrid work plans

Here is an exploration of the importance of placing employee experience at the centre of hybrid work plans, focussing on what this means from an organisational perspective, the areas HR and businesses leaders will need to prioritise their efforts and the tools available to ensure a smooth and successful transition. 

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Key considerations for HR leaders as workplaces evolve

Explore some of the areas HR and business leaders will need to prioritise in order to enable employees to work where, when and how they desire, with a focus on the steps required to successfully implement change and the potential benefits of implementing hybrid working. 
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Phases of return to work

Here are the phases businesses have gone through in returning employees to the office, with a focus on the challenges encountered and emerging solutions.
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