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Chris Moriarty's workplace reflections: Every journey starts with a single step

The role of workplace data in long and short term planning

How to measure the success of your real estate strategies

How to maintain social distancing as office occupancy increases

4 steps to transition to hybrid working

How a Fortune100 organisation navigated the pandemic and their plans for a hybrid future

The role of workplace data in creating cost-effective strategies

Reducing carbon footprint with hybrid working

Safeguarding the physical wellbeing of employees returning to the office

Managing air quality to maintain employee safety in indoor spaces

The role of occupancy data in an energy efficient workspace

The importance of leveraging workplace data when planning policy

How hybrid working fosters long term resilience within the workplace

Tips to successfully redefine your workplace strategy

Creating a hybrid workplace

Why leverage occupancy, booking and environmental data in hybrid environments?

How space occupancy data will shape the future of work

How HR teams can prepare risk mitigation strategies

How HR leaders can leverage occupancy data to plan work rotations

Top 3 priorities in return to work plans

How to support changing work patterns

Putting employee experience at the centre of hybrid work plans

Key considerations for HR leaders as workplaces evolve

Phases of return to work

How to leverage workplace data in your return to work plans

Lessons learned from the global return to work

4 key workplace challenges in 2021

Why monitoring indoor air quality matters post COVID19

Creating a resilient workplace strategy beyond COVID19

How the workplace will evolve post COVID19

The importance of indoor air quality IAQ

Implementing a deep cleaning regime post COVID19

Leveraging data to aid office reopening

Managing social distancing and beyond COVID19

Reorganising workspace post COVID19

Maintaining a safe place to work post COVID19 is possible

Checklist to reopen office buildings during COVID19

How the workplace needs to adapt after COVID19

Preparations to reopen offices during COVID19

7 Mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace - Part 2

How data and technology can optimise workplace utilisation

Does activity based working deliver on intended goals?

7 mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace - Part 1

How to measure workplace occupancy

Putting human experience at the centre of workplace change

Why cross collaboration is key to Activity Based Working

Real life lessons of implementing Activity Based Working

Building a roadmap towards Activity Based Working

4 key Workplace trends in 2019

4 key types of workspace occupancy sensors

4 ways occupancy sensors can help reduce operating costs

Why workplace designers use occupancy sensors

The cost of unused real estate

How data is shaping corporate real estate strategies

5 easy changes to increase desk occupancy

Deploying occupancy sensors checklist

How one travel tech giant optimised their space planning management

How to manage space utilisation project deployments

10 reasons why IoT projects could fail

Meeting The WELL building standard to improve employee well being

Why occupancy sensors are replacing manual surveys


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