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How data and technology can optimise workplace utilisation

Today's workforce is rapidly changing. Employees expect to have a choice of where to work and organisations need to be adaptable to attract and retain talent. Here's how Occupancy technology can help increase utilisation rates. 
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How to measure workplace occupancy

Here's 4 types of space utilisation sensors to gather workspace data.
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Building a roadmap towards Activity Based Working

Activity based working provides spaces for informal or formal meetings, collaborative and open areas for project work as well as quieter spaces for tasks that require more focus. So why does ABW matter?

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5 easy changes to increase desk occupancy

The average office utilisation rate rarely goes over 45% and the pressure is on for Corporate real estate and Facilities teams to switch up their workplace strategies and optimise office space for today's workforce. 
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Deploying occupancy sensors checklist

Here are 5 key deployment checklist you need to know when implementing occupancy sensors to measure workspace utilisation. 
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