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How clean is the air in your office building?

A number of variables that can contribute to the transmission rate and survivability of viruses, such as Occupancy levels, Carbon Emissions (CO2) , Temperature (°C), Humidity (RH), and Particulate Matter (PM).
That is why monitoring indoor air quality and occupancy levels is critical to keeping employees safe, as more people go back to the office 

Indoor air quality monitoring system

Our powerful analytics engine gathers air quality data from sensors, to give you access to reports and a snapshot view about the health of your office building.
Giving you the flexibility to control HVAC systems to pump more fresh air into spaces when there is high levels of occupancy and CO2.

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Indoor air quality sensors

Environmental sensors are a low cost solution to gather data and help optimise systems, support energy and cost efficiencies in the workplace.
Data gathered on Temperature, CO2, Humidity, Particulates and Noise levels.
Anonymous data - No personal or health information of an individual is captured. GDPR compliant.
Monitor air quality throughout the day to ensure fresh air is circulated efficiently.
Data transmitted via LoRawan network which does not touch your IT infrastructure.

Minimise the spread of viruses in your workplace

As larger groups of people inhabit indoor spaces, CO2 levels rises and building ventilation is required to bring fresh air back into the building. If CO2 levels rise above 500ppm, not only will employees feel lethargic but also be at higher risk.
Air quality analytics software

Leverage data to identify trends in air quality throughout the day and react quickly to changes when needed, ensuring employees remain safe whilst in the office.

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