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How data and technology can optimise workplace utilisation

Today's workforce is rapidly changing. Employees expect to have a choice of where to work and organisations need to be adaptable to attract and retain talent. Here's how Occupancy technology can help increase utilisation rates. 
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How to measure workplace occupancy

Here's 4 types of space utilisation sensors to gather workspace data.
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Real life lessons of implementing Activity Based Working

In this post we explore some use cases of activity based working implementations and share learnings from their experiences.

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4 key types of workspace occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors is an efficient way to analyse how building and office spaces are utilised. Using data give teams  greater visibility on what can be done to optimise working practices, inform future designs and ultimately boost employee productivity.

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4 ways occupancy sensors can help reduce operating costs

Building and facilities managers are installing utilisation sensors to manage their spaces more efficiently as many businesses move towards agile working practices. Here's 4 ways using occupancy sensors can help save costs. 
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