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South Coast Science

South Coast Science

South Coast Science was founded as a response to a market call for a standard digital front-end for Alphasense electrochemical sensors. A gap in the market was identified for an electronic interface between electrochemical sensors and industry-standard microcontrollers, including Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. The result was a project that more than matched its brief. South Coast Science offers key differentiators in the field of environmental monitoring: • A core design, based on experience in low-noise design and environmental science practice, that rejects exactly the upper frequency noise that typically disrupts attempts to read gas electrochems. • An open-source software stack that provides out-of- the-box internet connectivity to standard, open data infrastructures, using the emerging environmental metadata standards. • For each product, a set of deliverables giving the most flexibility to the customer, from circuit boards to out-of-the-box solutions. South Coast Science continues to develop gas electrochemical systems, related hardware and open software solutions, optimised for specific monitoring settings.

The importance of indoor air quality IAQ

Temperature, humidity, CO2 and ventilation levels are known to have an impact on comfort and even productivity of occupants of an office building. Add in safety concerns about COVID19 transmission in the workplace and this becomes a trend that Facilities Managers need to be paying attention to now. 
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