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Reducing carbon footprint with hybrid working

Hybrid work, offering a sought after flexible working environment, is likely to be the new normal as offices reopen, but the functionality and corresponding energy demand of office spaces needs reconsideration. The helping hand of sensor technology is there to measure and keep consumption at a minimum.
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Safeguarding the physical wellbeing of employees returning to the office

Employee health and safety needs to be priority #1 as offices around the world prepare to welcome back increasing numbers of employees. There are numerous changes that Facilities and HR teams can introduce now to ensure that the workplace is a safe and controlled environment.
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Managing air quality to maintain employee safety in indoor spaces

Controlling Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and monitoring capacity fluctuations, is central to ensuring employee health and safety in the office. Here’s what you can do to manage IAQ and employee safety.

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Implementing a deep cleaning regime post COVID19

With more businesses reopening their offices and employees slowly transitioning back to the workplace, implementing a deep cleaning and disinfection regime is ever more important.
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7 Mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace - Part 2

Employee productivity is one of the main drivers for office redesigns, which means the physical and technology infrastructure in your workplace needs to be adaptable to changes. Here's 4 mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace. 
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