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7 Mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace - Part 2

Employee productivity is one of the main drivers for office redesigns, which means the physical and technology infrastructure in your workplace needs to be adaptable to changes. Here's 4 mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace. 
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Does activity based working deliver on intended goals?

Designing an activity based workspace is increasingly becoming the desired aspiration, but it may not be suitable for every organisation. Here's 4 research examples to help you decide. 
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7 mistakes to avoid when designing an agile workspace - Part 1

In this two part series, we cover key mistakes that frequently derail well intended redesign projects and highlight techniques to avoid them.
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Putting human experience at the centre of workplace change

Designing workspaces and workplace change processes around a human experience helps organisations across all sectors grow, evolve and compete for top talent. Here's 3 top reasons why human UX matters. 

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Why cross collaboration is key to Activity Based Working

Closer collaboration between departments is key to successfully integrate an activity based working environment as well as improving employee well being and office experience.

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