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The workplace power shift

Here's a digest from our recent webinar with workplace experts from Nationwide and AICPA & CIMA on the organisational and operational challenges teams will face as workplaces adapt to the rise of hybrid working. 
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Developing a modern workplace beyond COVID19

KSS Savills Associate Director & Senior Workplace Strategist, Daniel Gardner, shares his expertise on how the workplace is evolving and tips on what businesses need to consider as they adapt their workplace strategy.
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What you need from a booking tool in the hybrid era

Here’s how our intelligent booking tool can mitigate the space and administrative challenges organisations and their employees face when introducing and managing hybrid work.

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Impacts of occupancy levels on indoor air quality

Find out how occupancy levels can impact Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and viral transmission, as well as the possible solutions available to minimise the risk of infection.
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Reframing workplace thinking

Workplace commentator Chris Moriarty, recently hosted a panel discussion for OpenSensors - with workplace experts from Savills, PTHR and the BBC - to examine the the global rise of hybrid working and how this is shaping the future of work. Here's a summary from the event.
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