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Why cross collaboration is key to Activity Based Working

Closer collaboration between departments is key to successfully integrate an activity based working environment as well as improving employee well being and office experience.

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Real life lessons of implementing Activity Based Working

In this post we explore some use cases of activity based working implementations and share learnings from their experiences.

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Building a roadmap towards Activity Based Working

Activity based working provides spaces for informal or formal meetings, collaborative and open areas for project work as well as quieter spaces for tasks that require more focus. So why does ABW matter?

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4 key Workplace trends in 2019

Here are 4 key Workplace trends that are shaping real estate office spaces from niche or early adopters to mainstream norms, where the wider drive are changes in the way work itself is done.

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4 key types of workspace occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors is an efficient way to analyse how building and office spaces are utilised. Using data give teams  greater visibility on what can be done to optimise working practices, inform future designs and ultimately boost employee productivity.
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