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OpenSensors uses AWS technology to enable data-driven decisions for real estate and workplace strategy – including air quality and space occupation.

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Inspiring women in tech

Yodit Stanton recognised as one of the fifty most inspirational women in technology in the UK at the Inspiring Fifty award 2021, hosted by accelerateHER.
Inspiring Fifty aims to increase diversity in tech by making women role models more visible. 

It's humbling to see so many women recognised for the great work they do in society. Great role models for the next generation. Congratulations to all the other amazing women in tech and to accelerateHER for this opportunity.

Companies over-index on instinct over evidence for office returns

As companies evaluate returning to workplaces, most lack the tools to manage the process. New research shows that the majority of companies rely on manual surveys (68%) and employee feedback (58% to manage office space.

Over one-fifth of companies rely on senior leadership’s whims to make critical office decisions.

OpenSensors - Expectated changes to the workplace

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How to create a data led workplace strategy

Get practical guidance on how to leverage space occupancy or booking software to make data driven decisions on your real estate or workplace strategy.

Explore use cases, get benchmarks metrics and understand how to build a bank of data to monitor trends and patterns of usage to make evidence based decisions on your real estate strategy.

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OpenSensors - 86% want flexible work options

Death of the office are greatly exaggerated, but employees' needs are evolving

The return to the office has already begun with four out of five saying some colleagues are back.
Nearly nine out of 10 workers want to have the option to work remotely once offices reopen, according to new findings from OpenSensors, a technology company that provides data driven workplace transformation solutions.

$4m raised to help large organisations create a safe and transformational workplace

“OpenSensors was founded to use data to measure, understand and improve the world around us. How we work and live are changing faster than we could have ever anticipated. There is a real opportunity for humanity to rethink how we use the physical world with sustainability in mind as well as making the design of workplaces better for people using them.