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4 ways occupancy sensors can help reduce operating costs

Building and facilities managers are installing utilisation sensors to manage their spaces more efficiently as many businesses move towards agile working practices. Here's 4 ways using occupancy sensors can help save costs. 
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Why workplace designers use occupancy sensors

Workspace designers and facility teams are turning to occupancy sensors to gather utilisation data over manual surveys to better understand how office spaces are being used. 
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How data is shaping corporate real estate strategies

Technology and the increasing need for data is changing the real estate industry, both from an investment and management point of view. Here's how data is shaping the decision making process.
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5 easy changes to increase desk occupancy

The average office utilisation rate rarely goes over 45% and the pressure is on for Corporate real estate and Facilities teams to switch up their workplace strategies and optimise office space for today's workforce. 
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Deploying occupancy sensors checklist

Here are 5 key deployment checklist you need to know when implementing occupancy sensors to measure workspace utilisation. 
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