Deploying occupancy sensors checklist

Author Kevin Mugadza

Published on November 2017

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Here are 5 key deployment checklist you need to know when implementing occupancy sensors to measure workspace utilisation. 
We have acquired extensive knowledge in planning, conducting and managing real world sensor network deployments.
These best practice tips will help you minimise site and maintenance risks as well as network connectivity during deployment. Sensor technology is only half the equation, having a robust data analytics platform will help you interpret the data into tangible tactics.
Our experience of working with large FTSE companies to medium and small businesses deploying sensors across multiple sites, has allowed us to build best practice deployment approaches to manage the following risks:
  1. Site specific risks - Gateway and sensor placement for signal quality and established connection to cloud
  2. Prepare risk – Staging to verify design
  3. Maintenance risk  – Detecting sensors that are not transmitting data
  4. Network connectivity - From gateway to cloud during deployment – setting up staging, maintenance – keeping the data flowing
  5. Scoping process – Identify and ensure impact on key KPIs

1. Site specific checklist
  • Gather CAD drawing or floor plan
  • Plan gateway placement
  • Identify any mounting and placement issues
  • Test building corners for signal quality
  • Confirm gateway locations and pre-installation requirements with onsite contacts 
2. Staging checklist
  • Order sensors and gateways
  • Develop schedule
  • Plan deployment rollout: floor by floor
  • Plan for safe storage
  • Plan and implement staging to pre-configuring gateways and sensors
  • Assemble Project Kit with all hardware (such as adhesives, screws and mounts) 
3. Connectivity
  • Connect gateways and test connectivity using some sensors
  • Test remote access to the gateway
  • Mount gateways into position and document
  • Test end-to-end network connectivity with a few sensors
4. Implement
  • Deploy sensors according to the rollout plan
  • Test end-to-end
5. Handover
  • Prepare handover documentation with asset register
  • Review visualisations

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