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How to maintain social distancing as office occupancy increases

Actionable guidance on the measures Facilities and HR teams can take to protect employees from viral transmission by ensuring social distancing guidelines are adhered to within the workplace.
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4 steps to transition to hybrid working

Here are 4 key steps to help you get started with making decisions on how to adapt your office space as you move towards a hybrid work model. 
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How a Fortune100 organisation navigated the pandemic and their plans for a hybrid future

Key takeaways from an interview discussing one Fortune100 company's experience of lockdowns and their plans for the future, providing insights into how they pivoted as an organisation to meet the needs of their employees, their plans for the future and the tools and processes they are leveraging to progress.
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The role of workplace data in creating cost-effective strategies

Explore how workplace data will play a central role in ensuring that emerging hybrid environments are not only functional but cost-effective. 
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Reducing carbon footprint with hybrid working

Hybrid work, offering a sought after flexible working environment, is likely to be the new normal as offices reopen, but the functionality and corresponding energy demand of office spaces needs reconsideration. The helping hand of sensor technology is there to measure and keep consumption at a minimum.
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