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How hybrid working fosters long term resilience within the workplace

Dive into an exploration of what it means to foster resilience within your workplace strategy, and the long term advantages it brings to both space planning and employee experience. 

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Tips to successfully redefine your workplace strategy

Here are three considerations for redesigning your office space as it goes through yet another inevitable overhaul due to the COVID19 pandemic.

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Creating a hybrid workplace

How are you preparing your business for the future? As businesses start to plan office reopens and incorporate hybrid work environments, explore key considerations to factor with Louis Lhoest, Managing Partner at Veldhoen + Company in this 7min video.
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Why leverage occupancy, booking and environmental data in hybrid environments?

Learn how to create a safe and fit for purpose hybrid workplace by leveraging occupancy, booking and environmental data in conjunction. 

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How space occupancy data will shape the future of work

Take a look at the significant role space occupancy data plays in restructuring office space as companies gear up for the return to work.

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