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Safeguarding the physical wellbeing of employees returning to the office

Employee health and safety needs to be priority #1 as offices around the world prepare to welcome back increasing numbers of employees. There are numerous changes that Facilities and HR teams can introduce now to ensure that the workplace is a safe and controlled environment.
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Managing air quality to maintain employee safety in indoor spaces

Controlling Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and monitoring capacity fluctuations, is central to ensuring employee health and safety in the office. Here’s what you can do to manage IAQ and employee safety.

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The role of occupancy data in an energy efficient workspace

In a world where buildings and construction are responsible for up to 39 percent of CO2 emissions, sustainable use of office space and reducing environmental cost ought to be embedded within organisations’ corporate social responsibility policy. 

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The importance of leveraging workplace data when planning policy

Take a look at the importance of leveraging data in your workplace policy, and explore its role in successfully implementing and managing hybrid work environments. 

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How hybrid working fosters long term resilience within the workplace

Dive into an exploration of what it means to foster resilience within your workplace strategy, and the long term advantages it brings to both space planning and employee experience. 

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