OpenSensors raises $4m to help large organisations create safe, productive and transformational workplaces

December 2020

  • OpenSensors measures air quality and space utilisation to help organisations return to work safely using sensors to monitor workspaces

  • OpenSensors has worked with global enterprises, including FTSE 500 Financial Services and Technology companies across North America, Ireland, UK and Europe, providing evidence based insights to reduce costs, optimise resources, minimise environmental footprints and provide adaptable, healthy work environments

  • Top tier investors for growth and scaling back OpenSensors with $4m in seed funding 

Amid the struggle to create safe, sustainable workplace environments during the COVID19 epidemic, UK based IoT startup OpenSensors, a technology company that provides data driven workplace transformation solutions, has raised funding to scale its business. OpenSensors helps companies create the safest and most efficient path back to the office for company leaders and employees.
Founder Yodit Stanton, a 20 year tech industry veteran, started OpenSensors in 2016 when researching how environmental factors affected her daughter’s asthma. She realised that inexpensive sensors could measure environmental health and air quality, such as CO2 and light intensity to understand and improve indoor spaces.
OpenSensors’s technology works seamlessly, behind the scenes to reveal workplace and workforce conditions and patterns. It helps anyone running a workspace create safe, productive, agile and cost effective work environments. OpenSensors has more than 30 customers with complex real estate operations across North America, Ireland, UK and Europe, in industries such as Insurance, Finance, Tech and more.

OpenSensors helps companies

  • Manage costs and optimise resources: Organisations can make huge savings on space in the majority of office buildings. Building costs are the 2nd highest expense for organisations, with office costs over £20bn per year in the UK. Yet, nearly half of office space is unused at any point during the day and only reaches 55% peak utilisation.
  • Reduce environmental footprint: Buildings represent 36% of global energy usage & 39% of CO2 emissions. As companies look at their own businesses and how they can build back better, managing their carbon footprint from their physical spaces is one of the top priorities.
  • Accelerate the move to flexible working: Before COVID19, workplaces were already trending to provide more flexible schedules and environments, and that change has dramatically accelerated. Now, employees don’t want to go back to five days a week of commuting to an office desk.
  • Adapt workplaces for COVID19: Research has shown how occupancy, air quality and conditions can affect COVID19 transmission. OpenSensors gathers data on Humidity, CO2, Temperature levels and more to guide on the optimal capacity to reduce transmission.

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Yodit Stanton, CEO and founder of OpenSensors, commented: “OpenSensors was founded to use data to measure, understand and improve the world around us. How we work and live are changing faster than we could have ever anticipated. There is a real op
portunity for humanity to rethink how we use the physical world with sustainability in mind as well as making the design of workplaces better for people using them. Businesses need an efficient way to gather data about their office buildings to manage capacity so employees can return to the workplace safely and rethink design based on need rather than the status quo.”
Workplace Director: “Through OpenSensors’ software, we have been able not only to track occupancy levels in our offices but also increase efficiency in our space management approach. I now have the information I need to make important decisions, such as whether to hire more staff, extend our offices to another floor or rent more space. Working with OpenSensors, we truly see the benefits to create a healthy and safe workspace for our people returning to the office.”
OpenSensors has raised $4m in funding from investors, including Crane Venture Partners. OpenSensors has teams distributed across Europe and will be using new funds to support international demand and build roll out products and help customers reopen offices. 
Scott Sage, Partner at Crane Venture Partners: “With data insights, real world usage and known customer references, OpenSensors has all the ingredients to become a trusted adviser and solutions provider throughout COVID19 and the immediate recovery, as well as supporting the shift towards more flexible working that COVID19 has accelerated.”
Scott sage

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