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Reframing workplace thinking

Workplace commentator Chris Moriarty, recently hosted a panel discussion for OpenSensors - with workplace experts from Savills, PTHR and the BBC - to examine the the global rise of hybrid working and how this is shaping the future of work. Here's a summary from the event.
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Every journey starts with a single step

Workplace commentator, Chris Moriarty, shares his reflection on impacts the pandemic has had on the evolution of the workplace and assess the challenges organisations will encounter as they seek to adapt to a post-COVID19 environment. Here is what he had to say.

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The role of data in strategy planning

Explore how hybrid working will impact long and short term strategic decision making as FMs and CRE teams navigate adoption of hybrid work models and why workplace data is fundamental to creating a functional and cost effective workplaces.  
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How to measure the success of your real estate strategies

As workplaces evolve and adapt to hybrid workstyles, the demands placed on the office and its overarching purpose will change. Corporate Real Estate (CRE) teams will need to similarly re-evaluate their measures of success, and collaborate closely with HR and Facilities departments to ensure the workplace continues to support and provide for employees.
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Maintaining social distancing as office occupancy increases

Actionable guidance on the measures Facilities and HR teams can take to protect employees from viral transmission by ensuring social distancing guidelines are adhered to within the workplace.
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